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Treating Infections Naturally

Oil of Oregano Wild Oil of Oregano is an edible medicinal grade essential oil that is grown from a wild species of oregano especially in the Mediterranean. There are a multitude of conditions that Oil of Oregano treats, but the most famous use is its ability to kill infections in the body. Most organisms cannot […]

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Holiday Time with Natural Sugars With ZERO Calories

Sugar (sucrose) is a carbohydrate that occurs naturally in EVERY fruit and EVERY vegetable. It occurs in the greatest quantities in sugar cane. Please do not confuse sucrose with sucralose. Just one extra syllable makes a food into a poison. Read labels closely, if sucralose is anywhere on it – avoid it at all costs […]

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Choosing Healthy Protein Bars

In our fast paced lives we often look for a quick nutritional snack or meal replacement. Protein bars have exploded on the market and fill isles at health food stores and have even cropped up at regular food stores within the past few years. Reading labels can be tricky so I’ll give you some tips as you choose the best one for you. Look at the protein source and amount. Most protein bars use whey (dairy) and/or soy. Other types are derived from rice. Look at the type of sweetener used.

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