About Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy is a personal journey for women. As younger generations begin to age, we are becoming a society of people who do not accept a suboptimal quality of life. The desire to enhance our life experience as we age, along with public awareness regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy statistics, have led most women to have many questions and concerns about this therapy.

The Center for Natural Healing offers a host of medical testing to determine hormone levels and balances including blood, saliva and urine analysis. We also take into account medical and family history, risk factors and lifestyle practices.

After careful analysis, synthetic hormone studies ceased because researchers found that the risks of taking oral estrogen / progesterone formulas far outweigh the benefits. Subsequently Suzanne Somers’ book, The Sexy Years, caused women to flock to the bookstores. This book was the first of its kind in the United States to support and explain the approach to Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. If you are on a quest for personal awareness to your hormonal transition, consider this book among others including The Wisdom of Menopause, by Christiana Northrup. There are many approaches and many philosophies for you to consider rather than having a health care provider dictate which is best for your body.

As women, our bodies were designed to stop having babies, which is symbolized at the cessation of menses. With the ebb and flow of hormones that create our monthly cycles during youthful years, women experience significantly less incidences of breast cancer, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease and frail bones. If we mimic these youthful hormones, as we do in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, we decrease our age-related illnesses and experience a higher quality of life measured by increased vitality. Technology has given us the opportunity to live longer. Furthermore, the combination of wisdom and intellect gives us the opportunity to enjoy a vital quality of life.

The difference between biodentical hormones and synthetic hormones, like Premarin and Provera, is that biodentical hormones mimic nature. Synthetic hormones cause hormonal imbalances, as the substance is not at all similar to what the body makes. It effects the same receptors, but in a different way. Synthetic hormone are patented and therefore supported by studies conducted by drug companies. Biodentical hormones are unable to be patented and any pharmacist can make them, as they are usually made from soy or wild yam.

The philosophy of Naturopathic Physicians is to influence balance. Each of us faces the many choices available to obtain that balance for us. Some choose Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Others don’t. There isn’t one better or worse way to create the balance, however balancing our hormones becomes a focus as women and men begin to experience symptoms representative of a transitioning time.

Naturopathic Physicians believe in supporting all body processes. As we age, not only does our hormonal balance shift, but our neuron, detoxifications, adrenal, thyroid, digestive and metabolic processes do as well. All of these systems work in concert to support our vitality and quality of life and buffer our age-related imbalances.

dr_ramsey_4_15-13_cropDr. Theresa Ramsey is a practicing physician, speaker, lifestyle expert, author of the best selling book, Healing 101: A Guide to Creating the Foundation for Complete Wellness & a weekly guest expert on Arizona's top morning television show, Your Life A to Z, as their Medical Expert since 2007. Dr. Ramsey has been voted as one of Phoenix Magazine's Top Docs by her peers and selected as an eHow.com health expert. Further, Dr. Ramsey has been voted by the public as the Natural Choice Awards winning Women's Health Specialist for four consecutive years, 2012 – 2015. She elegantly bridges the gap between Allopathic & Naturopathic medicine. Dr. Ramsey is a nationally recognized speaker educating patients & physicians on the language of wellness and root causes to illness & dis-ease. Her focus in her clinical practice is in Lifestyle and Preventive Aging with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy. Call for your appointment today: 888.970.0077.