Expressing Gratitude

Gratitude. You know it’s a healthy mindset to partake in. Plenty of research proves that gratitude can positively impact you relationships, quality of sleep, work productivity and performance, adrenal health and cardiovascular function. We don’t need scientifically backed double blind placebo controlled studies to confirm that the practice of gratitude can have profound positive health outcomes.

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Nature’s Anti-Cancer Powerhouses: Antioxidants

Certain unstable chemical compounds called “reactive oxidative species” or “free radicals” create damage in our cells day in and day out, with every breath we take and, yes, every move we make. We call this “oxidative stress.” Antioxidants, as the name would imply, help to counteract this damage. As with many types of stress in our lives, oxidative stress can be beneficial in low amounts but detrimental in high amounts.

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Back to School

It’s back to school time and you know what that means — sticky, germy kids will be passing around all kinds of infectious microbes and bringing them home. Yikes! Every parent wants to protect their child from getting ill, missing days of school, and getting the rest of the family sick too — so what are they to do?

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Happy, Healthy Summer

We are well into summer now — school will be back in session before you know it. I hope you’ve been enjoying yourself and finding ways to stay active and get outdoors for some contact with nature. Here in Phoenix area, most of us want to avoid melting in the extreme heat so we spend too much time indoors, often inactive. What if you want to brave the heat and do some hiking or paddling around? How can you stay protected and keep your cool? I have some tips for you.

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Summer is Here!

Since the heat is such a bummer, we want to offer you 20% off supplements for the month of July! The biggest gift that I could give to you is ideas on how to stay super hydrated during these months. The amount of water that I have found that we all need to stay hydrated is our body weight in ounces (winter months would be half that amount). Believe me that it wasn’t easy working up to this much in the summer but it has made a huge impact on the way I feel – cooler, more energized, improved tolerance of the heat, better workouts and I feel happier. It’s worth the effort and be patient as it doesn’t happen overnight.

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Foods To Beat The Summer Heat

It’s the time of year again that every Phoenix resident dreads, Summer Heat. Too much heat can not only be uncomfortable but it considered a pathogen in Chinese medicine. If it’s heat from the sweltering city sun, or from eating lots of fried, hot, greasy foods, the heat pathogen can cause symptoms such as profuse sweating, parched mouth and throat, constipation, agitation, headaches and heart palpitations.

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Men’s Health at Center for Natural Healing

It’s June and Father’s Day is coming right up. This has me thinking about the men in my life and how much they mean to me. I do all I can to encourage my father, my son, and my fiancé to foster and protect their health through good habits and proper healthcare – it’s one way I show I care. I’m sure you do the same for the men you love.

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Honoring the Male Energy

Fathers, this month is to honor YOU. We here at the Center for Natural Healing would like to extend to you a discount on either a first time office visit to establish yourself at our center or a follow up visit.

We know that you are perfect and that you can handle a little fatigue without complaining. Most men surrender though, when their erectile function starts to become compromised and some know to start supporting their aging due to difficulty maintaining a healthy body composition.

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Golf and Other Related Injuries Addressed with Prolotherapy

Have you noticed a decrease in your game as an athlete? Are you rehabbing an injury that just doesn’t seem to heal? Many injuries are very overt, they come while playing or training in our sport of choice or from accidents. Some are not so easy to recognize, like ligament laxity or osteoarthritis. This article is dedicated to all the golfers and others experiencing pain, as well as other athletes looking to improve their sport or quality of life.

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Spring has Sprung!

Spring is here and we can all smell the sweetness of the blossoms that bless this beautiful desert.

Well maybe not “we all” because many people cannot smell the sweetness as the allergy medications can block our sense of smell while taking them.

Since we are not yet through this season as it will go until June when things really start to heat up I’d like to make some suggestions that you may not have thought of before to treat allergies.
The first thing would be to remove the most common inflammatory foods from your nutrition until allergies are over: Dairy, Eggs, Soy and Gluten (and alcohol) while drinking your body weight in ounces of water per day.

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