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Protein intake and kids – too much or too little?

I’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding protein intake lately. Many parents are concerned that their children aren’t getting enough protein in their diet. I’m a mom of two young boys who are vegetarian. Needless to say I’ve had plenty of people inquire about their protein intake and how I know if they are reaching adequate amounts. It’s an understandable concern, given how important protein is for growth and development.

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Slowing Down Cognitive Decline As We Age

A mild decline in learning and memory is a normal part of aging, and opinions will vary on what’s “normal” or not. But generally as we get older we tend to be a bit more forgetful, or it becomes harder for us to learn new things or concentrate. There are a host of things that can contribute to this besides aging alone. Some things that can affect our cognition are medications, diet, environment, and genetics (which drugs, diet, and environment can influence changes in out genes).

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Hormone Replacement Therapy Workshops with Dr. Ramsey!

We had such a high caliber exchange at the informal Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) workshop last month. I was able to witness, in one room, the many people who have been lead to trust the numerous different conflicting beliefs about hormone replacement therapy, of which none have any factual backup data. The many questions that were asked mimic what I see in daily practice. The opportunity to educate the public about this essential subject is one of my dearest treasures.

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A New Practice For Welcoming the Serene Into Your Life

I’d like to start by wishing you a very successful summer and to share with you what I did on that 117-degree weekend we had that launched the idea that summer is here!

the-life-changing-magic-of-tidying-up-Marie-KondoI was gifted the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo – a New York Times best seller of which I didn’t even hear about before she gave it to me.

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Top 5 Supplements for Heart Health

Chinese Medicine texts dating back hundreds of years B.C. define the heart as the “ruler of the human body, the seat of consciousness and intelligence.” The heart contains the “shen” or spirit operating beyond the physical form. Today, this connection between the heart and the spirit is pervasive in cultures worldwide. Coupled with the great responsibility the heart has for driving our life force, I cannot think of any better reasons to nourish this precious organ.

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Jump-Start Tissue Repair & Healing of Damaged Joints with Prolotherapy

The human body is connected by a framework of connective tissues that make it possible for us to use our bodies— to exercise, to lift and carry our kids, to go for walks or play with our pets. This connective tissue also happens to be highly susceptible to injury from everyday wear and tear or from accidents and injuries. Most of us have experienced sprain and strain injuries, with ankle sprains being high on the list of common injuries. It is easy to recall how weak the injured area can be once it has been badly sprained and unfortunately it also sets the perfect stage for re-injury and arthritic changes to the damaged joint.

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Food As Medicine

We live in a fast, modern society. Just look how much as changed and improved over a decade or two. I can remember having to type in the DOS prompt commands on our Commodore 64 to tell my computer what I wanted it to do, now I click on a little icon and “poof” a calendar pops up. Along with these improvements come expectations for speed and efficiency.

The same expectations are applied to our thoughts on medicine. We want fast results, and if we don’t get them we tend to immediately dispel whatever we’re taking as useless.

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Detoxification (a.k.a. Detox): What’s the Big Deal?

WHY Detox: Pollution is everywhere – in our air, water, food, household cleaners and skin care products. Even if you use only organic food, cleaners, and cosmetics, some things are unavoidable – such as exhaust and dust that carries persistent environmental pollutants. Do you drink alcohol or use drugs (over the counter or prescription)? Those increase your toxic burden, too. Genetic variations cause each of us to be susceptible in our own ways. Some may be better or worse than others at clearing particular kinds of substances.

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Five Tips for Navigating Cold and Flu Season

As a mom of two, it’s not uncommon for me to face the dreaded statement of “Mommy, I’m sick.” When our little ones come down with signs of a cold, it can produce concern and distress among the whole family. Fortunately, kids are amazingly resilient and respond with efficiency to natural remedies. Cold and flu season has arrived and despite the myriad of opinions out there, we all like to do what we can to be healthy and robust. As a Naturopathic doctor, I would be remiss if I didn’t discuss prevention and natural treatment alternatives.

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The Benefits of Ozone IV Therapy

Ozone is an unstable gas made of three oxygen molecules. This instability causes it to readily break apart and release a single electron (a.k.a. a free radical) in a chemical process known as oxidation. You have probably only heard of oxidation as being bad or harmful, but just as with inflammation, it’s only in excessive amounts that it leads to degeneration and disease – a little bit is beneficial and actually necessary for health.

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