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Fermented Veggies!

We all know that vegetables are one of the best types of foods we can feed our bodies with, right? Did you know that if you ferment your veggies they become a superfood? Yup! Culturing vegetables improves the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immune effect that vegetables have on our system! You’ll soon find out how.
Raw vegetables can be tough on the system to digest in some people and can often lead to gas and bloating. If you ferment your veggies though they are very easy to digest and they actually help your digestive tract work better!

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Physical Fitness Month

May is the month that we celebrate Physical Fitness!

I have always enjoyed exercising and I know that’s not the truth for everyone. We all know it’s good for us but why? People who exercise feel stronger than people who do not as they are making their cells stronger. Just like muscles in your arms, legs, abs, and back, which become stronger and more toned, so does your heart.

We cannot see the heart but we can feel it as it is working out at the same time your structure is.

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Dr. Ramsey’s Road to Committed & Ongoing Exercise!

May is physical fitness month. Please let me share my physical fitness story. It’s a hoot!

When I was young and living in Philadelphia I took the subway to my aerobics class. During my traveling nurse days I cycled in marathons, my first one in Hawaii on a rented bike to the top of a live volcano. The first night there I woke in the night to use the restroom. As I stood up in the gymnasium filled with sleeping bags and snoring people, I collapsed as my legs had so much lactic acid in them I could hardly walk!

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Physical Fitness Month: Motivation & Support!

Are you struggling to muster the motivation to start exercising regularly like you know you should? You are in very good company! This is the case for so many of us. This is my personal story of the final piece of the puzzle that has worked for me.

As a naturopathic doctor whose practice is mainly working with very busy women, it’s my daily duty to remind my patients how important it is to exercise, both for their physical and mental health. This isn’t news to any of us, everybody knows you need to move your body and do something active every day. Most of us also know how great we feel mentally after we do an invigorating workout.

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Meat Consumption

We eat more meat per day than is recommended and our country farms 50% more meat than Europe does. Approximately 34 million cows in the US are slaughtered each year and cattle farms are the single largest sector of agriculture in our country. The more commercial meat we eat the more pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and hormones will accumulate in our body.

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“Dirty” Foods

Pesticides are the most harmful chemicals in our environment: “Pesti” = pest (bugs) and “cides” = kills. Pesticides include: Insecticides, Herbicides, Fungicides and Bactericides. They are chemicals that kill. We are exposed to pesticides everyday without knowing it. One way is by eating produce. Produce contains pesticides, in varying amounts, unless grown organically. The ones that have the MOST pesticides according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) in 2015 are

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Manuka Honey: The Honey That Heals

Did you know that all honey, regardless of where it is grown, has antibacterial effects? Manuka honey comes from bees that get their pollen from the flowering Manuka bush, a tree that is native to New Zealand. The activity that makes honey an antibacterial comes from both peroxide and non-peroxide activity, and what makes Manuka honey so special.

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Enterovirus and Our Children

The enterovirus that is causing acute respiratory distress in young children has been labeled EV-D68. This particular strain surfaces each year but this year it made national attention because in two areas in the United States, Illinois and Kansas there were 30 confirmed cases of EV-D68 in hospitals, all in the Intensive Care Unit between August and September. The virus affects the airways especially in children as adults have been exposed to it in the past and developed antibodies to the virus already. There have been just over 1000 positive cultures (out of 2000) so far with significantly lower incidences in the month of November.

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Ebola Virus Epidemic

Here are the truths on the Ebola Virus: Ebola virus or Hemorrhagic fever, a filovirus (thread like virus) is currently the cause of an epidemic in Western Africa with an initiation into the United States in late summer 2014. This virus causes internal bleeding and eventual death if not treated. A person can become infected Ebola from another person, from monkeys or apes, bats or contaminated food. Once infected, the virus can be found in many different fluids, urine, saliva, tears, mucus, feces, vomit, sweat, and breast milk.

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Ozone Therapy: For Acute & Chronic Conditions

If you’re like me, you probably think of ozone as being the layer surrounding the earth’s oxygen layer. You might also think of it as the major part of smog, which is caused by the combustion of gas in automobiles. You might have heard that the ozone layer is becoming thinner and therefore is dangerous, as it will prevent the earth’s oxygen from being “held in.” One way to make more ozone, which is needed for the survival of this planet, is through lightening that goes from cloud-to-cloud as in the Catatumbo lightning in Venezuela. It occurs for 10 hours a night on average 200 days a year. This type of lightening activates oxygen molecules, breaking up 02 molecules into 01 (oxygen ion) or 03 (ozone). Through this mechanism more ozone is made which is essential for Mother Earth’s existence.

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