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The Facts & Science Behind Hormone Replacement Therapy: Why BHRT Should Be First Line of Medicine!

Hormones are like the batteries to a car. When a battery runs out, the car stops moving or won’t start. Your choice is to push it home or replace the battery. Replacing hormones as we age is like replacing the battery in your car. And, just like cars need a battery in order to run, the human body requires hormones to run as well.

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About Biodentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy is a personal journey for women. As younger generations begin to age, we are becoming a society of people who do not accept a suboptimal quality of life. The desire to enhance our life experience as we age, along with public awareness regarding Hormone Replacement Therapy statistics, have led most women […]

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Hormone Replacement Therapy: Clearing up the Controversy

If the media has you confused about hormone replacement therapy, you’re not alone. The hormone replacement story confuses you because the results of synthetic hormones (which are not favorable) spill over into the Biologically Identical Hormone category which is like putting vegetables and bread into the same food category.

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Honoring the Transitions of a Woman

As women, the stronger species, which I can say because I am one, we have two major transitions biochemically that we go through. Men, of course do too, in a different way. This article will be dedicated for female changes and how to influence their grace and beau

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