Fertility Enhancement Program

There is an amazing new fertility enhancement tool that we are now using. Since ConceivX came to the market in early 2007, 500 babies have been made from its use from couples who had had difficulty conceiving to couples who started out after three months without successful conception.

Fertility challenges affect one in eight couples. The diagnosed challenges are divided into thirds: 1/3 due to female partner, 1/3 due to the male partner, and 1/3 due to a combination or is unexplained. The diagnosis of infertility is based on one year of unprotected sex without conception.

Fertility Enhancement

The greatest success we have had with assisting couples to become pregnant revolves around enhancing liver detoxification. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is considered the gland of hormone harmonization (among other things). The mere fact that we live in an ever accumulating toxic world is at the core of infertility. Not only does enhancing liver health assist in fertility, it is good for your overall body. We recommend a detoxification powder that you can make into a shake daily. It is safe while conceiving as well as throughout your pregnancy. Overall nutrition is essential to creating an optimal outcome as well as moderate exercise and deep, restful sleep.

The other aspect of fertility that cannot go without exploration is the symbology of the pelvic cavity, which has been named “the flow chakra”. Literally, we see blood flow from this body part during menstruation, as well as the flow of urine in both men and women. When infertility has become a couple’s diagnosis, fear sets in, which disrupts the natural flow of life. This is well understood, but must be nurtured in a way to enhance the journey as well as the outcome. Reorienting our thinking to hope and faith as well as deepening our connection as women to our “second heart” is essential. It is typical to build resistance and fear to unwanted physical experiences. It is crucial to recognize this and work with professionals to help release the resistance and connect more tenderly to this body part.

The U.S. Food and Drug and Administration (FDA) has cleared the Conceivex Conception Kit, the first and only comprehensive fertility enhancement system designed for couples to use on their own time and in the privacy of their own home. When you become part of our fertility program, we educate you on how to use the kit along with addressing the nutritional and emotional components.

Fertility Program Cost – $900

Our three month program includes:

    • An initial one-hour consult, followed by another one hour visit after the third month. This visit will be utilized to educate you if conception is successful. If conception has not occurred, the time will be utilized to discuss possible diagnostic testing.
      Bring in any blood work that you may have done previous to coming to our clinic. If additional testing is necessary, we will notify you of these additional costs.
    • A three month ConceivX Conception Kit which includes:
      • Three Conception Caps
      • Three non-latex semen collectors
      • Twenty four ovulation predictors
      • Two conception timing wheels (one English & one French/Spanish)
      • Three pregnancy test kits
      • One instruction manual
      • One journal to record progress
      • Three samples of sperm friendly intimate moisturizer for comfort during sex have been included.
    • Optimal Nutritional Recommendations during the conception phase
    • One container of Detoxification Powder
    • One bottle of Prenatal Vitamins
    • One bottle of Fish Oil supplementation

These are basic supplements that have been very successful in our practice. After the first round of supplements, you can continue them at a 10% discount. If you have been trying to conceive for awhile, we recommend that both the female and male use a specific antioxidant in addition to the basic protocol to enhance fertility further at an additional cost.

  • Emotional Support to include discussions around your faith in your fertility success, fears, and healing affirmations.

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