Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

There are a multitude of reasons a person would consider Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). What makes HBOT so exciting is the fact that every single cell of the body depends on optimal oxygen concentration to do its job effectively and efficiently. As you increase and improve basic cellular function in your body, many things begin to happen. Each experience will be unique based on the person’s health status at the beginning of receiving therapy.

20With optimal oxygen, cellular metabolism increases, which means that each cell in your body begins assimilating more nutrition and eliminating more waste. At the same time, oxidative enzymes in the liver are stimulated to work. This may allow some people to feel like they are detoxifying and they may feel slightly worse after the treatment initially. In most people, this detoxifying effect lasts only a few hours. When it wears off, a greater level of health can be appreciated, usually within the same day. The turnaround time most people share with us is two hours. Within these first two hours, you may feel like sleeping or relaxing and then you begin to feel a shift. Some people will find themselves eliminating more abundantly – both urination and feces. This is the body’s attempt to eliminate all the excess waste that is being generated.

If you are looking for resolution of acute symptoms like a cold, pneumonia, sports injury, etc., they can start to reverse after the second treatment. If the acute pathology is extremely draining on the system, the body first has to generate its resources in order to appropriately handle the task at hand. This may require a few more treatments. The sooner you begin therapy after the onset of symptoms, the quicker the resolution will be.

If the symptoms you suffer are more chronic – like fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, or gangrene, the body has been operating under fire for a long time and will need to regenerate many systems before your recognizable symptoms begin to shift. Therefore, chronic conditions usually require a series of HBOT treatments before symptoms disappear. The goal is to provide enough oxygen over time so the tissues of the body can maintain an optimal oxygen level. Once this occurs, then symptoms can resolve, usually permanently.

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