6 Diet Tips To Follow For Healthy Digestion

Many a times you tend to do things after having a healthy meal, which even you do not know but are affecting your health inversely. Such things not just hinder your digestion but cause you various health issues – according to “Best probiotics” article on Observer.

When in problem, you might think of the reason as something else but you will not realize the actual reason as your habits after digestion. To get awareness about this, following are listed the top 6 habits that are ruining your digestive health in the hour after you eat. So that you can make appropriate changes in your habits, go through the points carefully.

Diet Tips For Healthy Digestion

Stop Sleeping Right After Meal

There are people who not knowing that sleeping post meal disrupts the digestive system avoid waking up. Going on a cozy nap after having meal causes your digestive juice to creep back into your esophagus thus causing heartburn. It also slows down the process of digestion, making you feel bloated and uncomfortable when you wake up. In contrast to that, staying erect and upright lets the digestive juice stay where it is required and works efficiently in breaking down the food.

No More Strenuous Exercise After Meal

You might feel like doing a heavy workout after eating but performing strenuous exercise uses up some of the essential resources needed for digestion. Nevertheless, the chances of experiencing nausea, cramps, and even diarrhea are equally open. A heavy workout reduces the blood circulation to the stomach thus not letting the food digest properly. Therefore, let the body digest food properly by sitting on your legs crossed for an hour or so and then go for the exercise.

Never Follow Meal With Fruits

Never go for fruits right after meal. Although fruits get digested faster than any other thing but when it is consumed shortly after meal, it sits on top of the food and ferments there. In the process of fermenting, it creates gas, discomfort, & even weight gain. Therefore, if ever you think of having food then either have it before meal or several hours after meal. Doing so causes easy digestion and effectual utilization of energy produced in fuelling your body.

Don’t Gulp Large Sips Of Water

Having too much water is actually good for body but you must have a clear conscience of the fact that water should be taken at proper time. Gulping down big glasses of water right after during or meal dilutes the digestive enzymes to the level that it becomes harder for them to function properly. Moreover, sipping ice water does not let digestion advance progress even a bit consequently causing more damage to the body than hot water. If you feel like drinking something so badly then replace water with herbal tea. It not just act in accordance with the need of drinking water but will provide an easy digestion.

Shower, Right After Meal – Never

People often think of taking shower as necessary after digestion. Thinking of it as the need of the hour, they do not realize that they are causing harm to their digestive health. While having a bath the blood gets pulled towards the surface of the skin, hands and feet. It is because of this distraction caused in the flow of blood, the meal does not get digested efficiently.

No More Going For A Walk Right After Meal

Going for a stroll or walk right after meal causes easy & effective digestion is totally misunderstood by people. It is true, that taking a walk after meal is actually a good habit but not right after meal. Wait for at least 1/2 or 1 hour if you do not want some serious acid influx or ingestion.

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